January GreenThumb Hydro Giveaway : 3 DWC Completes

Possibly the most economical, yet amazingly effective system on the market, our complete DWC bucket systems are light tight, durable, and extremely low maintenance.  A top selling item, our customer’s can attest to the effectiveness of DWC, so we’re pretty excited to hook up three customer’s over the course of three weeks.  Sign up today, you could be one of the lucky winners, or order one now.

SOG’s DWC SYSTEM is popular for a number of reasons:

-Economical – Under $30
-Expandable – Start with one, add more as necessary
-Low Maintenance – No water pumps, low nutrient usage, small reservoir
-Compact- fit it in your closet, the corner of your kitchen, anywhere…
-It’s Easy – make the switch from soil, our sales reps will explain the easy process
-Grow Big- or small, we’ve grown everything from herbs and strawberries to 8′ tomato plants

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