Growing with CO2

Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is the building block for proper plant growth and important for all life on this planet. Plants pull off the C from CO2 and spit back out the O2 providing all living creatures with the much needed oxygen.

But why do plants need CO2?

The carbon molecule in CO2 is used as a carbohydrate for energy during light cycles as part of the process of photosynthesis. Carbon Dioxide provides sugars/energy that plants will in turn use to create proteins, amino acids, and catalytic hormones leading to proper cell structure. When there is no light, the plants respirate expelling CO2 and taking in oxygen.

Why use it in a grow room?

CO2, when injected in grow rooms using high levels of light and good spectrum, will increase the rate of photosynthesis up to 30%-60%, which in turn increases the rate at which a plant can up take food, For this to work you must have all other parameters correctly set as well. This means an increase of food, water, and even slight increase of temperature and proper humidity to keep the stomata open sucking in that CO2.

The best ways to use Co2 in your garden:

A temperature from 75-80 degrees will help stimulate more rapid metabolism within the enriched plants. When the temperature gets higher than 85 degrees the Co2 becomes ineffective, and if temperatures increase past 90 degrees, growth stops. When you use carbon dioxide your plants use a lot more water than normal. Water rises from your plants roots and it is released in the air by stomata the pant uses to absorb Co2.

There are a couple ways you can include carbon dioxide in your garden. The two most common ways to raise and dispense your Co2 are using a compressed CO2 tank w/ regulator or a CO2 Generator that runs off propane/natural gas. Make Sure your indoor garden is sealed very well and tight. You don’t want CO2 to leak out of your garden. If you have a very small garden you can always use an exhale bag.

Tips when using CO2 in your garden:

  • Watch your CO2 levels. You can use a CO2 regulator and monitoring system to keep an eye on the maximum levels of carbon dioxide.
  • Your CO2 level must be kept at a nice level of 1000 to 1500 ppm in your growing room.
    CO2 is a lot heavier than air and a rotating fan should be used to circulate the air in your garden.
  • High levels of Co2 can be toxic to plants, pets, and humans.
  • Please avoid raising Co2 levels above 5000ppm!

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