An all-in-one, convenient portable solution for accurate measurement of pH, conductivity, and temperature in nutrient solution. The battery-powered, lightweight unit can be used anywhere, anytime to measure critical parameters related to nutrient uptake in plants. The Bluelab Leap pH probe also allows fast and accurate pH measurements direct from the rootzone in a wide range of growing media including soil, rockwool, coco coir and potting mixes – no more pH slurries or extraction mixes. The detachable pH probe has a toughened spear-tip for improved durability and is lightning fast in nutrient solution. Easy to read backlit screen for lowlight environments, and simple push button operation to view your chosen parameter. Features: Simple two point pH calibration with 30-day calibration indicator, over-range and under range indicators, a low battery indicator, auto-off function, and 2 x AAA alkaline batteries are included.