Pure Protein Dry (PPD) is a powerful organic fish fertilizer containing amino acids and beneficial enzymes. It is a complete nutrient for plants and microbes with 15-1-1.


1 Pound will replace 5-7 Gallons of Liquid Fish.

40lbs will replace a 275 gallon IBL tote of Liquid Fish Hydrolysate and be better.


The codfish hydrolysate is cold processed and freeze-dried into 100% water-soluble powder that can be used with soil or any aeroponic, hydroponic, or drip irrigation system. With the addition of PPD to your current feeding regimen, you can achieve high yields and rapid results without compromising the health of your plants, soil, or customers.


  • Most complete organic fertilizer, fulfills 70-80% of plant nutritional needs
  • Highest amino acid profile, 80% L-amino acids, will not burn leaves or roots
  • PH Perfect, 15-1-1, high in macro- and micro-nutrients, high in enzymes
  • Completely water-soluble and non-toxic to surrounding environment
  • Rapid results, cost-effective, easy to apply, apply infrequently