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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra


Address nutrient deficiencies with the most advanced Cal-Mag system for cannabis. With a robust menu of calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins, Sensi Cal Mag Xtra® eliminates any guesswork in diagnosing shortages and returns your garden to a sea of lush, vibrant green.


  • Chelated calcium and magnesium for effective nutrient absorption
  • Chelated iron offers ideal conditions to prevent common nutrient lockout
  • Kelp delivers vitamins and amino acids for optimal plant performance
  • Chelated manganese and zinc promote robust yields

Nutrient Solutions:
 Use 2 mL per Liter to correct deficiencies. Repeat after 1 week, if necessary.

As part of a regular feeding program: Use 2 mL per Liter. Repeat after 1 week.


Liter, 4 liter, 10 liter, 23 liter


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