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AC Infinity CO2 Regulator

AC Infinity CO2 Regulator


A carbon dioxide regulator designed to help create the ideal environment for plant growth by managing the output of CO2 into the air. Features a flow meter with a pressure gauge that accurately measures gas flow as well as the remaining gas levels. These measuring systems will enable you to determine the exact amounts of CO2 to release that will improve your plant’s growth rate. They are built into a durable brass construction with a solenoid valve that ensures a proper stream with no leakage. Fits into many standard tanks with threaded valves to function as a CO2 generator in grow tent or grow room settings.

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  • A gas release system designed to help create the ideal grow environment by regulating CO2 output.
  • Carbon dioxide meter with pressure gauge accurately measures gas flow and remaining CO2 tank levels.
  • Forged with heavy-duty brass and a solenoid valve pipe to ensure proper flow and no gas leakage.
  • Secures installs on many tanks and hose tubing to fit as a CO2 generator for grow tent applications.
  • Brass Construction | Pressure Gauge: 0-4000 PSI | Inlet: CGA-320 | Flow Meter: 0.5-15 SCF/hour


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