Innovative halo design produces uniform coverage and deeper light penetration to maximize plant yields.
Specially formulated with full-spectrum Samsung LM301H white, red, and IR LEDs optimized for all grow stages.
Linear bar light design adapted into four-sided halo form factor to achieve commercial lighting output.
Digital controller with daisy-chaining ports featuring PWM dimming, timers, cycles, and backup memory.
Air-suspended driver over aluminum heatsink passively cools LEDs to last longer and boost PAR output.

An indoor LED grow lamp with an innovative halo design crafted to maximize plant yields by providing uniform coverage and deeper light penetration. This LED grow system uses the latest Samsung LM301H diodes to efficiently produce full-spectrum lighting fit for use during the germination, vegetative, and flowering stages. The grow tent light is built with a raised LED driver, set on top of an aluminum frame with a thermal compound for no-noise heat dissipation. This, along with the included digital controller, also enables pairing with additional LED grow lights when using expansion dongles (sold separately). It is primarily set in grow tents with interior reflective Mylar lining, and used to cultivate a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables. Each unit is plug-and-play, and includes a set of rope hanging hardware to be ready for use out of the box. This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve your ideal environment.


These light-emitting diodes are arranged in a halo ring form factor, which allows for even coverage and deeper penetration. This lighting maximizes your grow tent’s capacity and growth potential by expanding the amount of usable growing space and reaching past your plant’s canopy. The diodes’ arrangement also enables the LED grow light to achieve commercial bar light performance and provide full coverage in 2×4 spaces.


Each system includes a programmable controller that is capable of efficient 0-100% PWM dimming. Set consistent light schedules, light cycles, and timers. Customize transitions that can mimic the gradual dimming of sunrise and sunset. Features baseline brightness levels and backup memory in case of a temporary power loss. Controllers can be detached to be mounted remotely and are built with extension ports to provide programming to additional LED grow lights.

   Manufacturer       AC Infinity Inc.
   Product Name       IONGRID T24
   Product Model       AC-IGT24
   UPC Code       819137022164
   Product and Mounting Dimensions
   Light Dimensions       28.89 x 12.99 in. (73.4 x 33.0 cm)
   Heatsink Height       0.43 in. (1.1 cm)
   Controller Dimensions       3.30 x 1.18 x 0.70 in. (8.4 x 3.0 x 1.8 cm)
   Product Performance and Technical Specs
   Coverage       2 x 4 ft.
   Diodes       Samsung LM301H
   LED Chip Count       560
   LED Driver       Moso (x2)
   Efficiency       2.75 µmol/j
   PPFD       1728 PPFD
   Spectrum       660nm, 730nm, 3000K, 5000K  
   Wattage       260 W
   Voltage       100-277V AC
   Frequency       50/60 Hz
   Amps       1.17 A @ 120V | 0.58 A @ 240V | 0.51 A @ 277V
   Controller       Digital Transition Controller
   Power Connector Type       US Plug (NEMA 1-15 Type-A)
   Operating Humidity       35 to 85% RH
   Operating Temperature       32 to 104°F
   Life Expectancy       50,000 Hours