Simply Professional Cal Mag Formula

A 100% soluble, easy to use concentrate powder fortified with chelated iron.

Correct deficiencies associated with:

  • The use of reverse osmosis water
  • Particular feeding regimens
  • Poorly buffered coco coir

To Use as a Nutrient Supplement

  • For use in Hydro, Coco, Soil, DWC & Foliar Feeding
  • Mix at a rate of ¼ Teaspoon (1.25 grams) per gallon of water
  • Supplement Cal-Mag up to an EC of 0.3 – 0.4 (150 – 200 ppm)

To Use as a Buffer Coco Coir

  • For best results use with clean water, low in total dissolved solids < 400ppm.
  • Properly buffered coco is essential to prevent nutrient deficiencies
  • Mix at a rate of 1 Teaspoon (5 grams) per gallon of water
  • Fully submerge coco coir in Cal Mag solution and soak for 8 hours