Tony’s Magic Mix:

Tony’s Magic Mix contains a complete balance of nutrients so nothing else is needed. The ability of the neem seed meal to act as a denitrification inhibitor means that the nitrogen lasts long in the soil so you use it less frequently.

The high microbial activity of the bat guano helps to resist harmful organism and pathogens in the soil, while the organic matter aids in moisture retention.

Improves the organic matter content of the soil, water holding capacity and soil aeration leading to better root development.

The nutrients nourish the soil as well as the plants.

Kelp meal aids in building the plants natural immune system helping to fight against insects and disease.

Carbohydrates and sugars in the molasses nourish the microbes in the soil increasing the overall microbial activity of the soil. Molasses also acts as a chelating agent making nutrients more available.

Magnesium is the primary nutrient involved in chlorophyll production.